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Our long-standing policy is not to comment on our clients.
For the first time, we explain a little about some of the assignments we have been involved in, only because they have already entered the public domain.

“In the more than thirty years that I’ve known Patrick Robertson and the campaigns of WorldPR, I can truly say that there is no other company like it:  from the Bruges Group to Jimmy Goldsmith’s Referendum Party, from Austria to Zimbabwe via Chechnya and Kazakhstan, this is a truly formidable PR agency with a very long reach.”

“WorldPR has been my strategic consultant for the past eight years and I am looking forward to opening in New York and Miami with their assistance. I have a very high regard for them as they are a small professional unit, highly focused and I never look at an overseas city to expand to without their analysis. Ours is a very good partnership.”

Patrick Robertson has a deep understanding of the global geo-political agenda, coupled with a comprehensive knowledge of how news media comprehend, create and distribute information. It is a rare combination which its clients benefit from on a realtime basis.”

“It is hard to remember a precedent for a young man founding a political pressure group that attracts senior academics, former cabinet ministers and more than 100 backbench MPs within months of starting, and which, within two years, secured the ultimate prize of persuading a legendary Prime Minister to serve as its patron; but such has been the success of Patrick Robertson.”

“Patrick Robertson has been sustained by the same self-confidence and style that first impressed Margaret Thatcher, and has subsequently attracted, and secured, a portfolio of clients who pay hundreds of thousands of pounds to have their case put forward by Robertson.”

“I have enjoyed a fantastic relationship with WorldPR over the years, offering my opinions and expressing my ideas, among other matters, on challenging projects to promote Eurasian economic integration.  Long may these efforts continue to bear fruit.”

“Patrick Robertson est un gourou.”

“In 1991 The Sun attached the moniker “Perky Pat” to Patrick Robertson in his valiant Bruges Group campaign to support Margaret Thatcher in her defence of British sovereignty.  It was impossible then to imagine what the outcome would be, or how long it would take.  Now that Brexit has finally been delivered, I am delighted that Patrick is proudly included among the early campaigners who helped make Brexit a reality.”

“I am delighted to commend WorldPR for the delivery of professional services, on schedule and to the very highest standard.”

“WorldPR is the go-to PR agency for any business or individual that wants to get ahead in Brexit Britain.  I couldn’t recommend them more highly.”

“I cannot help but emphasise and remember with emotion the generous and professional way in which you embarked on this seemingly lost cause to gather the selfless efforts of other brave people and take actions which were determining factors in my return to my country.  May I convey my best regards and deep gratitude, and that of my wife and family, as well as the gratitude of thousands of Chileans, who will be in your debt forever.” 

“Passion is a word that often crops up in conversation with or about Patrick Robertson.”

“WorldPR has crafted a superlative PR campaign, including visual design, corporate branding, digital outreach and communications strategy.  The delivery has always been seamlessly professional and I have no doubt that it has played an important part in helping Stanhopegate Group to establish its place in London’s deeply competitive property market.”

“WorldPR is impressive in its ability to provide seamless service across many aspects of government.  Over the many years that they have been engaged, we have been delighted with the ease of working with the WorldPR team and with the comprehensive, intelligent and consistent service they deliver. They can be trusted to get things right every time.”

“Margaret Thatcher admired Patrick as an extremely effective and active go-getter. He’s quite extraordinary.”

“Patrick Robertson’s energy and entrepreneurial skill is phenomenal. He is a very modern figure.”

“Patrick Robertson and his team at WorldPR have created a world-class business model. They provide focused, strategic analysis and build targeted, flexible campaigns to deliver uniquely designed messaging. By creating a team of multi-disciplined and multi-lingual professionals, WorldPR can work on a national, international and global scale to deliver effective and successful outcomes for the benefit of their clients.”

“When you embark on the rollercoaster of life, business and politics, there can be no surer source of good advice and guidance than Patrick and his team.”

“Experienced, connected and fast – excellent in any situation.”

about us

WorldPR has nearly thirty years experience providing strategic consultancy and professional communications services to governments, corporations, NGOs, political parties and campaigning organisations.

Our special expertise is in the conception and execution of large-scale, cross-border PR assignments that are of huge importance to sovereign countries and strategic actors. Our success is founded on our capacity to focus the energy and creativity of big teams of world-class professionals to secure precise, measurable outcomes.

One campaign that we have actively promoted since its inception is Brexit, which has succeeded in opening up an exciting world of new opportunities for our clients: governments and organisations that are ready to leverage the considerable “soft power” of Global Britain to achieve strategic goals that were previously unattainable. WorldPR is not just committed to Brexit, we helped make it happen.

Our consultants are seasoned professionals who bring skilled, hands-on project management to client assignments in different languages, cultures and regions of the world. They routinely source and manage world-class specialists in data, digital media, advertising, publishing, event planning, private security, cybersecurity, intelligence, and civil and criminal law. Working for many years on complex projects at a high level has given our team the experience necessary to deliver seamless service that draws together expertise from all relevant fields.

Patrick Robertson

Chairman & Founder

Patrick Robertson is a British public relations consultant. He founded WorldPR in the early 1990s and has been a strategic adviser to many British and foreign political and business leaders for nearly three decades. Read more…


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