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WorldPR is a leading international public relations agency founded in London in 1993 whose principals enjoy a valued reputation, acquired over more than four decades, for handling complex, multi-disciplinary assignments with exceptional care and commitment.

We have a long and distinguished track-record in Europe and the rest of the world serving the needs of governments, corporations, institutions and UHNW individuals who think and react globally.  In the UK, Patrick Robertson’s longstanding personal commitment to Brexit means that we are uniquely well-placed to engineer successful strategies for our international clients to leverage the benefits of Global Britain.

“Passion is a word that often crops up in conversation
with or about Patrick Robertson.”

“Patrick Robertson est un gourou.”

“Margaret Thatcher admired Patrick as an extremely effective and active go-getter. He’s quite extraordinary”

“Patrick Robertson has been sustained by the same self-confidence and style that first impressed Margaret Thatcher, and has subsequently attracted, and secured, a portfolio of clients who pay hundreds of thousands of pounds to have their case put forward by Robertson. Sir James Goldsmith was impressed by Patrick Robertson’s absence of side [and] by hiring him he ensured that the higher political journalists engaged with his theses. The success of this PR campaign convinced Goldsmith that he could turn his publishing coup into a political campaign.”

“Patrick Robertson’s energy and entrepreneurial skill is phenomenal. He is a very modern figure. He understands networking and the power of the media. He has charm and a remarkable ability to make people trust him.”

It is hard to remember a precedent for a young man founding a political pressure group that attracts senior academics, former cabinet ministers and more than 100 backbench MPs within months of starting, and which, within two years, secured the ultimate prize of persuading a legendary Prime Minister to serve as its patron; but such has been the success of Patrick Robertson.


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